What Does Reserve Analyst do? Print
Written by Dan Bloomquist   
Monday, 28 February 2011 17:13

Reserve Analyst© is a very powerful tool for both the Reserve Specialist and the individual association. The reserve study is an annual disclosure to the membership concerning the financial condition of the association, and may be used as a “consumers’ guide” by prospective purchasers. With a professionally prepared reserve study, your homeowners, timeshare or other common interest development association will receive many benefits including a detailed listing of the assets, a comprehensive long term funding plan and a management tool.

Reserve Analyst© gives the reserve preparer the ability to create a detailed inventory of our association’s major assets and serves as a management tool for scheduling, coordinating and planning future repairs and replacements. The reserve study will include accurate measurement and cost estimates based on the integrated component cost database. The detail reports entered by the preparer may be used to evaluate the price of contractors’ proposals when assets are due to be repaired or replaced.

Reserve Analyst© has superior funding models and options to meet the financial goals of your community. Funding models can be added or modified, including ‘what-if’ scenarios. Take advantage of the many features available!