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"I get great software & support with Reserve Analyst©.  The support has helped me learn how to use the system and create professional reports.  Reserve Analyst© has raised the quality of my completed reserve studies.  I project a professional image and produce accurate studies with various model options."

Charlie Shepperd
Community Advisors, LLC


What does the software come with? Do I get support? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dan Bloomquist   
Monday, 28 February 2011 17:08

All users of Reserve Analyst© enjoy the many benefits of the software. We want to make sure you get the most out of your reserve software. Each user receives all updates, upgrades, component cost database information as well as Premium Toll Free Support.

For the Single User Version users of Reserve Analyst© we offer the optional purchase of our Annual Subscription that allows you to continue to receive all of the benefits that you receive in the first year of your purchase.

There is a complete Help Manual available within the software designed to be real Help. The manual is arranged by the Views of the software and is written with both text and pictures to guide you through the features of the software. The complete 385 page Help Manual is also offered as a PDF file on your installation CD.

We use a remote support module that allows us to work one on one with you to make sure you do get all you need from your reserve software. Complete report customization assistance is available for your end user Reserve Reports.

Major upgrades are released at least once a year and are included with your purchase. The component cost database information is also updated annually and included with your purchase.

You get award winning customer support with Reserve Analyst©! We are available at YOUR convenience and are glad when you call! We get to know our clients and meet their needs!
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