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"I get great software & support with Reserve Analyst©.  The support has helped me learn how to use the system and create professional reports.  Reserve Analyst© has raised the quality of my completed reserve studies.  I project a professional image and produce accurate studies with various model options."

Charlie Shepperd
Community Advisors, LLC


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Written by Dan Bloomquist   
Wednesday, 09 April 2008 17:24

The Single User Version of Reserve Analyst is geared toward a single association, not a single individual.  If you have a committee dedicated to working on your reserve project the entire committee is eligible to install Reserve Analyst on their computers in order to work together.  Reserve Analyst allows you to share information with several people in order to prepare your report.

During your first full year with Reserve Anlayst you will receive all of the updates, upgrades, component cost database information as well as premium toll free support.  Reserve Analyst is not a static development, new features and benefits are being added every day!

The Single User Version of Reserve Analyst is offered as a one time purchase and will not stop functioning.  On the anniversary of your purchase we offer the optional Annual Subscription.  The Annual Subscription allows you to continue to recieve all of the benefits of Reserve Analyst with the upgrades, updates, component cost database information and premium toll free support.  It is recommended that you budget for the Annual Subscription so that when the new committee team members take on the task of preparing your reserve study all you have to do is hand them the software and our toll free number - we'll do the rest with helping them get started with the software.

The Single User Version price is $795 (+ appropriate sales tax on sales within the state of Arizona) 

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