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"I get great software & support with Reserve Analyst©.  The support has helped me learn how to use the system and create professional reports.  Reserve Analyst© has raised the quality of my completed reserve studies.  I project a professional image and produce accurate studies with various model options."

Charlie Shepperd
Community Advisors, LLC


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Written by Dan Bloomquist   
Monday, 21 February 2011 17:00

Features & Benefits of Reserve Analyst©

Ö   Windows© software compatible with 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows© 7, MAC (with Windows© partition)

Ö   Premium toll free support

Ö    User friendly

Ö   Custom import of external data files: Reserve Pro, RDA, PRA, Excel Spreadsheets

Ö   Uses Rich Text – Edits like Microsoft Word©

Ö   Add & print color digital photos of assets

Ö   Superior Math Features

Ö   Special Assessments

Ö   Create ‘what-if’ scenarios

Ö   Professional Reporting in just a click

Ö   Stock Color Charts

Ö   Versatile report options

Ö   Print sections/pages selectable

Ö   Report by category, group or both

Ö   Customize Report headers & footers

Ö   Arrange report sections with drag and drop

Ö   Insert user defined pages to report for project specific information

Ö   Detailed inventory of assets

Ö   Sort, group and find assets

Ö   Use names for asset Categories & Groups

Ö   Add Categories & Groups on the fly

Ö   Record Comments describe assets

Ö   Craftsman Book© component cost database

Ö   Stock Comments included to describe assets

Ö   Project Notes for specific information about each project

Ö   Integrated zip & e-mail features for sharing & archiving

Ö   Meets or exceeds California Owners’ Disclosure requirements

Ö   Prints on any Windows© printer

Ö   Network ready

Ö   And many more features being added


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