Professional Package

The Professional Package of Reserve Analyst© is an unlimited package for the Professional Reserve Provider.  A minimum annual licensing fee of $2000 is required with an ongoing Licensing Agreement.  Reserve Analyst© is the premier software package which allows the Professional Reserve Provider to work efficiently and productively and offers professional report options to meet your client's needs.

The Professional Licensing Fee is based on 5% of your reserve study preparation gross.  Until or unless you prepare more than $40K gross annually you won't pay more than the Annual Minimum Licensing Fee.  Provide a superior reserve report for your clients with Reserve Analyst© software.

Reserve Analyst© is continually being updated and upgraded with new features.  We have fostered a community where we encourage all of our clients to become part of the process.  If you need a feature that the software doesn't currently offer you are encouraged to talk directly to the software developer in order to get what you need.  All new features are shared across the platform so that everyone can take advantage of the features and benefits of Reserve Analyst©. 

We are dedicated to excellent software and superior support.  Call us toll free at 800-561-0173 for additional details!