Flex Pack Pricing

The Flex Pack Pricing packaging of Reserve Analyst© is multi-project pricing geared toward Property Management companies, CPA's, Engineers or other associations which would prepare more than one reserve study (project) but wouldn't require the complete Professional Package of Reserve Analyst©.  The Flex Pack Pricing allows you to prepare up to 20 reserve projects annually in incremental 'Packs' of 5 licenses as a one time purchase, with annual reporting and the Annual Subscription required.


Flex Pricing 5 Pack: $1195*

Flex Pricing 10 Pack: $1495*

Flex Pricing 15 Pack: $1745*

Flex Pricing 20 Pack: $1995*

*Annual Subscription and reporting form required


Flex Pricing Annual Subscription details:

5 Pack - Annual Subscription: $250

10 Pack - Annual Subscription: $350

15 Pack - Annual Subscription: $450

20 Pack - Annual Subscription: $550


With the Flex Pack Pricing program of Reserve Analyst© you received a completely unrestricted piece of software and are able to prepare as many reserve study projects as you need.  There is an agreement and annual reporting that accompanies the Flex Pack Pricing program that allows you to grow your business in a controlled and predictable manner.

Every purchase of Reserve Analyst© comes with updates, upgrades, and premium toll free support.  We are dedicated to excellent software and superior support.  Call toll free 800-561-0173 for additional details!