So, what are the software pricing options?

While every version of Reserve Analyst© includes all of the features available, we do offer 3 packages based on your needs:

The Single User Version of Reserve Analyst© is geared toward a single community association, not a single individual.  Reserve Analyst© easily allows sharing of information in order to prepare a professional and complete reserve study report.  The Single User Version is value priced as a onetime purchase at $795.

The Flex Pack Pricing Program of Reserve Analyst© is multi-user pricing available for Property Managers, Real Estate Developers, CPA’s, Engineers and the broad range of other multi-users.  The Flex Pack Pricing Program offers up to 20 reserve projects annually in incremental ‘Packs’ of 5 licenses as a onetime purchase, with Annual Reporting and the Annual Subscription Required.  The entry level of the Flex Pack Pricing Program is the Flex 5 Pack, priced at $1195.

The Professional Package of Reserve Analyst© is an unlimited package for the Professional Reserve Provider.  A minimum annual licensing fee of $2000 is required with a Licensing Agreement.  Reserve Analyst© is the premier software application for Professional Reserve Providers.

Offer a superior and customized reserve report product for your clients while working efficiently and productively with Reserve Analyst© software.  Call for additional details 800-561-0173.