Is the application web based or PC based?

Reserve Analyst© is a PC based, modern, Windows© application.  This means that the software and your data are stored on your computer or server system. 

In today’s market there are many options available, even some web based applications.  There are pros and cons to consider.  With Reserve Analyst© you never have to wonder where your data files are or if they are safe.  You control your data.  It won’t disappear in a ‘cloud’ of dust. 

With web based applications you are at the mercy of the service provider’s internet servers and they can hold your files hostage if you were ever to stop using their service. 

Reserve Analyst© will never hold your data hostage!  Even if you stop using the software your data is transparent and mobile.  We don’t believe in creating obstacles for archiving, storing, backing up or transferring your data.  All of the information about the component assets is stored in an Access database and is part of your electronic project files.  Always there, always easy to get to, nothing hidden.

With a PC based application you also get a full installation CD of your software in the event you would upgrade your computer system.  You have the software CD in your hand to install from quickly and easily.

How many times have you had a computer meltdown and had to scramble to reinstall your software?  With a PC based application you can reinstall easily.  With a web based application it is possible that if the system crashes all of your data could be lost! Reserve Analyst© is real software for real world applications.