The ‘views’ of Reserve Analyst are arranged in order, on the menu, that you would use them. The Account Info view is the first.


The Account Info view gathers basic information about your community, including the name, address, phone number, contact person and such. There are a couple important fields in this view that need to be completed. Not all of the information is required to be filled in.


Important Fields:

Beginning Date of Study (Math): this field is the date for the beginning of your study, fiscal year, and it also sets the beginning date for all of your math features.

Units/Phase/Phases: this is an optional field, however, some of the report sections use this information to report the liability or equity per ‘unit’ in your community association.

Incorporation Date: this field sets the ‘default’ date in service for any new components/assets added to your report.

Billing Term (drop down box): this drop down box should be set to how your community bills for the assessment – monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually. This will affect some report sections whereby it will show you the numbers in the manner of the billing term. So, for instance, if you bill your members monthly, selected report sections will report in monthly dollars.

You should fill in the information about your community with name and address but the information about the management company is optional and for your reference only.