A Guide: Your Reserve Study In 5 Easy Steps!

This is a guide intended for first time and Single Users for reserve study preparation using Reserve Analyst© software. It is not intended to replace the advice of a reserve professional. Highlands Electronics LLC and Reserve Analyst© software are developers of the software and are not reserve professionals. So, that’s the disclaimer…..on with the guide.


Congratulations! You are about to embark on a mission to prepare a reserve study. The good news is that it isn’t exactly rocket science. The challenging news is that information gathering is the key to a good report. The old saying of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ applies here. I’m going to attempt to make this all sound easy, and it can be if you are willing to be fastidious with your information gathering – which, by the way is Step 1.


Note: If you were using another 3rd party reserve software or Excel© spreadsheet for your reserve project it may be possible to import this data directly into Reserve Analyst© using our import tools. Reserve Analyst© is currently able to directly import project files from: RDA, PRA, AFI Professional, ReservePro and Excel© spreadsheets. This step could potentially save you several hours (depending on the number of reserve components/assets you have) of data entry. Call 800-561-0173 for details.